A Startup That Serves 56 Countries Without Establishing A Company Yet: Socialhunters

Socialhunters is a software that briefly analyzes the Instagram data of individual users and provides users with summary and interesting information. The very young startup Socialhunters met its users in 56 countries without even starting a company. The Istanbul and New York based startup is trying to establish a developing system with trust and user feedback.

Socialhunters, which is perfect for those who want to improve their Instagram accounts, has many interesting features in addition to providing media, story, post analysis for its users. According to data analysis made by approximately 3000 users in the last 3 months, a total of 15000 anonymous stories have been watched, a total of 25000 people have hidden their story to these users, and 14000 of them have now unblocked the story hiding.

To experience Socialhunters, you can check out the mobile and desktop compatible website here.

If you are an Android phone owner, you can download here the application as an extra.