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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers

One of the criteria that brands pay attention to in social media marketing is the number of followers. Because the number of followers is important, brands can sometimes buy fake followers to increase this number.

Although some companies state that they sell real users, comments and likes, such an approach will not be very useful for your brand. There are many different reasons for this, and in this guide we will consider why purchasing followers does not benefit you in social media marketing.

1- Your Brand Value Consists of a Number

Increasing their prestige lies behind the reasons for companies’ followers. Although there are too many followers creates the image that the brand is known more, your brand awareness will only consist of numbers.

They are real users who add value to the brand. Without reaching real followers, you cannot both increase your brand awareness and create loyal customers. For this reason, it is more beneficial to grow your account organically.

2- Your Interaction Rates Decrease

One of the most important metrics in social media marketing is interaction rates. The interaction rate is an indication of how successful your work has been. When calculating the interaction rate, the comments and likes per share divided by the total number of followers are taken into account.

In this case, if your number of followers is very high, but if the number of comments and likes per share is very low, your interaction rates will be quite low. This is what you will experience when you buy followers. If you have tens of thousands of followers and get 10 likes or comments per share, you will not be able to get the feedback you expect from these studies as your interaction rates will be low.

Instead, an organically growing account gets higher interaction rates; because people directly related to the company will be more interested in your content as they will follow the account.

3- Buying Likes and Comments

For a while, there have been studies such as buying likes and comments besides followers. Such studies can increase your interaction rates; but there is another question to be asked here. A percentage of this interaction comes to your site, providing a recycle. Interaction is not one of the criteria that will be sufficient alone, since the purpose of the interaction is to direct users to a certain action after social media posts.

When you buy likes and comments, you can increase your interaction rates on your page; but they won’t have a real interaction with your brand. Since they are not interested in your products or services, they will not give any return to your brand by simply showing a show on social media. In this case, your investments will be in vain. Since such services only create action on social media, they may not provide you with an ROI.

4- These Followers Can Be Deleted

Last year, Instagram deleted its fake accounts on its platform, and there were major changes in the accounts of many brands and famous names. This attitude revealed people and brands using false followers directly, which naturally created a negative impression. For this reason, such a situation may happen to you when you buy followers. Your investment will be wasted and your brand image may be damaged because you have fake followers.

5- You Can’t Get the Return You Expect

You will spend both a certain budget and time on social media marketing, and somehow you will want to get a reward for these efforts. In other words, you will expect a return on investment (ROI). However, the followers you have purchased will not add any added value to you as they are not directly interested in your brand. Even if you increase your number of likes and comments in this way, you will not meet your return on investment since there will be no orientation to your e-commerce site.

So what do you need to do?

Instead of getting fake followers, likes or comments, it is better to grow your page organically. When you grow organically, you reach the people who are interested in your brand. This will increase both your interactions and return on investment.

You can use Instagram based analysis tools to increase your interaction rates. In this way, you can see which of your posts are getting a lot or which are getting less interaction, and you can produce content accordingly. You can also discover potential followers who view your content without following you. Instead of spending a lot of money and getting fake followers, likes or comments, you can achieve organic growth at affordable prices. We recommend you the Socialhunters application so that you can do these operations on a single platform.

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